guangbo cooperative reserve committee help hundreds of persons who are in difficultyranteed

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guangbo cooperative reserve committee help hundreds of persons who are in difficultyranteed
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save up love-heart create a homestead

guangbo newspaper (by weiyuqi) there are a collective called employees’ cooperative reserve committee in the large collective of guangbo industry park. it’s title has meaning of mutual help and saving up love-hearts, which make us connect with donating blood.

when the journalist went to interview mr.yushuiwei who works in printing branch, he was told that it is his first day to enter guangbo group to work formally again in may 26. before the day, he had stayed at home and hospital for 38 months. when mentioning this, he said feelingly that he couldn’t imagine that guangbo had gotten sharply quick development, he was grateful for guangbo’s care and tendance and thanked employees’ cooperative reserve committee.

“when i began working in guangbo in 1993, guangbo mainly made color-printing business. i was a cut-paper operator in process of color-printing”, yushuiwei said to journalist, he is an old employee in guangbo, his wife worked in another company, his child had studied in an primary school, they lived very well under the slack condition of national economy. in later half year of 1999, an unexpected disaster dropped in me. due to long-term discomfort in abdomen, he went to see doctor and then was told that he had had hepatitis that was developing to hepatocirrhosis. accord ing to doctors, hepatocirrhosis is an disease that is a chronic and diffuse change of liver resulting from various reasons. it has the characteristic that one or many kinds of pathogenies harm liver cells again and again for a long term and which causes denaturalization and putrescence of liver cells. over a long period (several years or decades of years), liver is getting to be deformed and to petrify. the physiological and pathological change is called hepatocirrhosis. terminal hepatocirrhosis will severely affect life quality of patients even endanger patient’s life, thus it is very crucial to prevent and cure hepatocirrhosis.

“guangbo reserve committee and leaders of group, thank you very much, now it is very difficult to find a job, i am very lucky that i can come back for work after i stay at home and hospital for three years”, yushuiwei said sincerely to journalist. it is said that what made yushuiwei worry about most is that he probably lost his job when he was diagnosed hepatocirrhosis in the later half year of 1999. now because of overlabour, many people can’t find jobs at all, esp those people at age of 30 above. yushuiwei adopted doctor’s advice to hand in report to leaders of group about staying at home for 3 years, leaders approved his request at once and drop in and help him for many times. in less than one year of founding of guangbo reserve committee, his state of illness had almost been controlled, over the one year, yushuiwei got 5000 yuan from guangbo reserve committee for three times.

there are no less than one hundred persons like yushuiwei who has accepted help from guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee. lirui, workman in branch of manufacturing box, was scotched by glass carelessly, guangbo cooperative reserve committee gave him 3000 yuan as subsidy because of his poor family condition. in addition, guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee also offer help to them through the way of interest-free loan. xiaoxu, workwoman in plastic cement workshop, needed urgently money for her father’s operation, she borrowed 4000 yuan from guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee and then paid for her loan monthly, she is lucky to be the first beneficiary of “love-heart cooperation fund”. she said excitedly: my father wouldn’t have gotten well quickly without those money.

guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee was declared open under the support and organization of trade union on may 10,2002. zhuguozhang, chairman of trade union, is the sponsor of the reserve committee, he encouraged us to take part in the mutual committee. he said: 10 yuan per month, though it has no great effect, it can help those persons in trouble. eeverybody will able to has illness in future, he can get care from company besides care from relatives. now there sets up “cooperative committee”, employees take after one another. and the money will be returned when those employees who has worked in company for one year leave.

xiaozhang, workman in auxiliary material workshop in printing branch, got subsidy of 1000 yuan in 2002 because of his language impediment and poor family condition. xiaosu who came from other area has worked in guangbo for a few years, she was hit by a vehicle when he was on the way home. guangbo cooperative reserve committee reached out hands of aid and gave her 1500 yuan as subsidy becase she was far away from her hometown and in poor family. an employee who worked in the workshop of manufacturing plastic asked reserve committee for help when he married, considering his real condition, committee borrowed him 3000 yuan. xiaowang’s father had had lung cancer for one year, he has few money beause his father’s illness. when he needed a large number of money for his father’s second operation, reserve committee borrowed him 5000 yuan, which made his father going on receiving treatment. he feelingly said: “i am very lucky that i can work in such a good company though my family has difficulty. i am an ordinary employee, company give me such great care and help when i am at worst time. i know those is their hot hearts while holding the money donated by everybody in hands! i am willing to reture company and everybody with my excellent performance.

maybe becaue different family has different difficulty, everybody knows more the necessity and importance of cooperation. the guangbo cooperative reserve committee was founded under active call and organization of trade union on may 10, 2002. the cooperative reserve committee is the one that consists of employees registered on list. everybody takes 10 yuan from his salary per month. until now, almost all of employees take part in the reserve committee full of love-heart. the 20% of 10 yuan is donated to reserve committee and 80% is deposited in individual account. in fact, everybody only donates 2 yuan per month.

on may 22,2003, by the end of day, totalling 12 days and one year, guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee has totally received 280360 yuan, among it 114000 yuan was used in endowment and employee welfare. saving up love heart, creating beautiful homestead. fraternity further develops traditional chinese virtues such as union, struggle, friendship, cooperation, assistance,etc.


guangbo cooperative reserve committee

guangbo employees’cooperative reserve committee was set up on may 10, 2002 sponsored by trade union and approved by party and government joint conference to develop sufficiently the fine style of mutual cooperation and common struggle, and of that“when one person in difficult, collective will aid him”, saving up love heart, creating beautiful homestead.

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