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guangbo group party committee held the 19th cpc national congress spiritual learning meeting
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on the morning of october 28, guangbo group party committee held the 19th cpc national congress spiritual learning meeting at the multi-functional hall. more than 100 party representatives from 10 branches attended the meeting. wang liping, secretary of the group party committee, attended the meeting and gave the important speech. dai guoping, jiang zhuguo, wang jianjun and other leaders attended the meeting. deputy secretary of the group party committee shu yaoping hosted the meeting.

at the meeting, wang liping interpreted general secretary xi jinping’s 19th cpc national congress report in detail. he pointed out, in the past five years, under the lead of the party central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core, china has made important breakthroughs and progress in key fields like economic construction, comprehensive deepening reform, construction of democracy and rule of law, ideological and cultural construction, achieving all-round and groundbreaking achievements. all party members should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the nineteenth conference, as well as xi jinping’s socialist ideology with chinese characteristics in the new era.

later, combined with the current situation of the group, wang liping put forward specific requirements  for party members and cadres. he stressed that party members and cadres should give full play to their banner role, be a good leader in enterprise development, dare to do things, do more things, and do things, to set an example to the grass-roots staff, but also help themselves achieve more value. meanwhile, party members and cadres should also strengthen learning, and constantly improve their personal ability, constantly find problems, research problems and solve problems from work. grow up in work, learn from growing up. wang liping asked party members and cadres to dare to grasp and dare to manage, dare to be responsible, should maintain strict working style, pay equal attention to strict management and effective encouragement, advocating setting up orientation of execution first and result first, in order to promote the good atmosphere of honorable execution and creating benefits.

finally, wang liping made a summary of the study. he showed, the year of 2017 is coming to an end. each company, sub plant managers should continue to work hard, carry out the target of production, sales and other tasks at the beginning of the year. meanwhile, do a good job of planning in 2018 and strive for a good start in the new year's work.

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