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they work together every day, not only support each other in life, but give each other the biggest help at work. in many couples, they are a special couple.

he daliang from no.4 branch factory and wang meinv from no.3 branch factory, were awarded the title of star employee and star class leader respectively, in the third quarter of 2017 "guangbo star" election activity. at the awards scene,wang feiyun, director of no.4 branch factory, and yang wenya, director of no.3 branch factory, awarded them. in their words, it's lucky for them to have such employees in their own branch.

she, work hard, bear hardships 

in the three branch of stationery no.1 workshop, you can always see wang meinv in different situations. she was cleaning her, doing her work on safety checks, convening an early morning meeting, checking the orders, helping new employees adapt to the work environment. the only thing that can't be seen is a wang meinv who stops his work and sits idle. indeed, in guangbo’s 20 years, she has maintained a dedicated and hard working style. “no matter what kind of work or task, she starts doing it right away and ever gives up unless doing the best”, said colleague rao zhihong.

excellent work and harmonious interpersonal relationship, in the eyes of leaders and colleagues, wang meinv is a person without faults. “if you want to pick out one shortcoming, it might be that she's too busy with her job. sometimes she even ignores the family.” one thing impressed ping jufen, the director of the workshop. “on one occasion, she worked overtime for a week in order to catch a batch of goods, not having a look of her sick son in hospital.” in the beginning, ping ju didn't know about it. “i overheard it while she was on the phone. it turned out that her son was hospitalized with appendicitis.” ping jufen only remembered, wang meinv was hoarse, sobbing and talking to the other end of the phone. “son, i know you're hurting. but sorry, mom is too busy to come to see you now.” she hung up the phone and immediately wiped her tears away. and put it into work again, as if nothing had happened. “i asked her to take half a day off to see her son, but she refused it without thinking.” wang meinv told her, “other colleagues are working overtime, how can i go? if i go like this, i’m not responsible for the company and myself.”

not only she has correct working attitude, but wang meinv is also willing to work hard in her study. in 2009, a fully automatic heat shrinkable machine was put into the packaging group. when no one wants to learn how to do it voluntarily, yang wenya, director of the three branch factory, assigned this task to the group leader wang meinv. “although she agreed, i was always worried .” yang wenya said, after all, wang meinv almost knows nothing about mechanical principles.but the result surprised her, wang meinv not only learned to operate, but very skilled. equipped with film, tune machine, everything she can do. “i learned later that in addition to her working hours, she would also find time to study after the end of the work. for many times, when everyone else was off work, she studied there alone. some buttons didn't work very well, so she took notes on paper, drew them, and then asked someone else.” today's wang meinv is still one of the few women workers who can operate machines in the branch.

he, studious, hard-working

like his wife, he daliang is also working hard, willing to spend time at work. especially in learning the operation of new machines, he was willing to take the time to learn. “learning well the operation of every machineis not only my personal responsibility but also for the company.” said he daliang.

although before entering guangbo, he dalianghas more than 10 years of experience in machine operation. he has been treating himself with an apprenticeship. “entering guangbo must start from scratch.” said he daliang. guangbo is a large enterprise with many machines, which takes more time to learn.

as expected, he daliang began to operate  o printing machine, which took him a few days to be familiar with. the switch, the lever and the button were strange to him, but he asked for advice and studied for himself. everyone was off work but he was still there with the machine. after three days, he finally learned how to operate flexo printing machine. later, he was assigned to operate more complex, more cumbersome operation of automatic paper machine. “he is still open-minded to people, while spending own time to learn, and eventually learned.” no.4 branch metal stationery workshop director li xiaolin said, normally introverted he daliang during that time became "words tuberculosis". there were always countless questions about machines to ask others.  

and as time went on, he daliang also issued another skill - maintenance and repair. whether it's adding oil or cleaning parts, he can do the best. he's never had a big problem with his machine. “not only can repair, but also willing to repair.”colleague nie jianshuang said, every time someone finished his work, he daliang would give himself an extra task. that is, checking the machine. if anything was wrong, he immediately took out the tools to repair it. he daliang's attitude and ability in machine operation and maintenance save the workshop a lot.

at work, they help each other

the couple is not only a partner in life, but also become a partner in the work. "although we have different types of work, we can help each other.” said he daliang.

compared with the husband, wang meinv is busier and overtime more. so every day, after he daliang finished his work, he would come to wang meinv's workshop and report on time, giving her a hand. for his wife's work, he was already familiar. not only can help her packing the goods, but also check the order, and help her check the circuit and machine safety. “now, with this foreign aid, we're all much more relaxed.” wang meinv's colleague liao donghua said. and when he daliang had to work overtime, wang meinv would also appear in his side. “i know something about the machine too. he can't help himself, and i can also help him with the help of the machine, adjust the parameters, and share the pressure. and, of course, the most important thing is that i can give him a meal to make sure he's not hungry.”

even after returning home, what he daliang and wang meinv discuss most is still work. “we usually report the daily work to each other,and let the other side make suggestions for improvement. and then talk about tomorrow's work plan and arrangements, let the other know fairly well.” wang meinv said, so that you can remember each other's work schedule, but also remind each other.

now they have become the company's "star", who has honor, but also has a burden. this is the affirmation of our leaders and colleagues, and we must continue to strive to do the best.

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