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guangbo appear in 2017 creative city fair
release time:2017-11-16 browse times:1530

on november 16, sponsored by the guangdong provincial cultural industry promotion association, 2017 guangdong (foshan) creative city fair was held in foshan. there are 6 exhibitors and 8 participating countries in the exhibition, and 344 other exhibitors in the other pavilions. guangbo group as ningbo organizational culture key enterprise and ningbo cultural card, represented ningbo to exhibit.

at the exhibition, guangbo focused on the concept of fashion, stunningly appearing with its fashion brand kinbor. by merging the most popular elements of the time, guangbo displayed a number of stationery productsto the merchants, including theme joint series, original design series of hand accounts, various types of card bags and paper tape.

at the scene, many merchants were attracted to watch before guangbo’sbooth. there are exhibitors from all over the country, as well as guests from countries such as the united states, germany, japan, australia andother countries. they all showed a strong interest in guangbo’s fashion stationery and gave a good appraisal. after talking, many merchants have reached preliminary cooperation with guangbo.

in recent years, guangbo has insisted on carrying out the design, production and manufacture of stationery, with the concept of breaking through the bondage of traditional stationery and integrating fashion into life. combine all kinds of current popular elements and all kinds of stationery, adding a trend element and a personalized label to ordinary office stationery, making the consumer "work no longer boring, learning no longer boring. in the future, guangbo will continue to develop more creative and innovative stationery products, bringing the fashion stationery to the consumers. 

it is reported that the exhibition will continue to 19th.

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