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guangbo group president wang liping attend paper book specialized committee2017 summit
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on december 27, chinese stylistic association paper book specialized committee 2017 annual convention was held in hangzhou. guangbo group president wang liping attended and made the important speech.

at the convention, guangbo group president, director of the specialized committee wang liping made a review on the rebuilt of specialized committee for the past twelve years. he emphasized, specialized committee adhered to the policy of "focusing on the center, both inside and outside, grasping the trend and collaborating with the general force", help enterprises overcome the bottleneck of development and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. through actively improving business environment, communicate in many ways, provide government departments with the basis of industry development decision. at the same time, we also actively promote the development of industry standards, unite enterprises in the industry to draft dozens of industry standards, such as “general standard for safety of student supplies” and “environmental protection standards for students' stationery”. speed up the reform of industry technology and brand building. more than 20 enterprises have been recommended to obtain "national brand" products, "china famous trademark", "china's top ten brands" and other honors.

in view of the current situation of industry development, wang liping showed, in the present situation, environmental protection has become a long-term basic state policy. rmb exchange rate continues to rise. it’s difficult to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises. the paper industry should actively implement the strategy of machine replacement, marketing to the middle, industry alliance and so on . meanwhile, enterprises in the industry should actively change the concept of competition. strive for cross line competition on the basis of peer competition, burst out the new vitality of the industry.

finally, wang liping put forward hope for the next specialized committee leadership and expressed sincere blessings. he showed, this year is an important year for china's economy to deepen the supply side reform, the basic year to implement the "13th five-year" . we should actively looking for new space for the development of paper industry. adapt to "new normal", find "new orientation", let internet technology become a practical productivity, promote traditional manufacturing with internet technology, release "new energy", really grasp the overall tone of "continue to promote progress while maintaining stability", realize the enterprise to move forward and rebirth under many uncertain factors at home and abroad. hope that the new specialized committee leadership will draw on the successful experience, collaborate, forge ahead, upgrade the technical threshold of the industry, improve the technical content of the product, and bring the book industry to a new peak.

the convention finally agreed to a proposal to invite wang liping to be the honorary president of the committee.


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