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guangbo group holds 2022 work planning and budget meeting
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on december 30 and 31, guangbo group held a 2022 work planning and budget meeting to summarize the company's production and operation in 2021, and exchange and discuss the work ideas and resource allocation next year, so as to clarify the next development direction.the heads of all modules and departments of the joint stock company and the holding company shall report to the senior leaders of the group company in 2021 and communicate and confirm the budget in 2022. the meeting was presided over by wang junping, general manager of the group company, and cchairman wang liping attended the meeting and made an important speech.




at the meeting, first, the principals of each branch made a summary report on the operation of this year. then, based on the budget indicators such as sales, profit and cost in 2021, the main principals of each department fully exchanged financial data from the aspects of planning business expansion, personnel streamlining, open source and throttling, reform and innovation, and analyzed the existing problems. a feasible rectification plan was formulated.the goal of steady progress was formulated and deployed for the next year's budget in accordance with the principles of practicality, comprehensiveness and appropriateness.senior leaders commented on the work of each module one by one and put forward many constructive guidance requirements.




after listening to the report, wang junping pointed out that since this year, all businesses of the company have faced great pressure. all sectors have made every effort to promote transformation and upgrading with innovative thinking and overall thinking. it is not easy to achieve these achievements.however, in order to make significant progress in 2022 with complex situation, we must gradually optimize product structure and refine management, constantly tap potential, drive innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for guangbo’s high-quality development.




wang liping, chairman of the group, delivered an important speech. looking back on 2021, the complex and changeable situation and complex trade environment will be the norm for a long time in the future. we must always be prepared mentally. he said that the company must improve its operation and management level, reduce costs and expenses, and make scientific budget planning. all branches should take the strategic development planning and annual budget planning of the group company as the basis, and take the sales, cost and other budgets as the starting the next step, we should focus on stepping up the construction of intelligent production system, accelerating the application of big data analysis, accelerating the reform of scientific management system, and strengthening the development of new markets and new fields. at the same time, we should give priority to benefits, ensure cost reduction and efficiency increase, and achieve high-quality development. finally, wang liping hopes that all guangbo people can work hard, forge ahead and explore, and strive to realize guangbo's long-term strategy.


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